Best-Kept Selling Secrets

Your home’s optimal presentation is critical in selling your home in a timely manner. The following steps should ensure that you sell your real estate property at the fastest speed and best price possible.

Sparkling Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the backbone to selling a home. Inspect and repair damaged caulking and remove any mould from tubs and showers. To improve its comfortable look during showings, hang your best towels neatly and stain-free.

Properly Functioning Faucets and Bulbs

The sound of a leaking tap under a dimming bulb can have prospective buyers turn away from your home. Don’t these small details become potential deal-breakers.

Clean Closets and Storage Spaces

Maximizing house space is important for many potential homebuyers. Clean your closets and storage areas, remove any excess clutter and junk, and hang your clothes neatly and nicely spaced to show your home’s optimal, open space. Store away your shoes and boots in a rack to perfectly display your floors and rugs.

Cozy Bedrooms

Potential homebuyers won’t sleep on your home if it looks like the house of their dreams. For a cozy, roomier atmosphere, use colourful linens, remove any excess furniture and store away smaller valuables.

Open House

Don’t let squeaky, dirty or broken doors, locks and handles shut out a sale. Inspect any doors and cabinets to ensure that they open/close easily and noise-free.

Brighten Up

Make your home a warm and bright place for homebuyers by pulling back curtains and drapes. Make sure windows open/close easily, and are sparkly clean, crack-free and in otherwise good condition.

Three’s a Crowd

A messy house can make people feel uneasy, but a house filled with guests can have potential homebuyers feel like intruders. Keep any company to a minimum, and keep any pets out of the way.

Confident but not Overbearing

When meeting with prospective homebuyers, relax and feel comfortable that you are with a professional real estate agent trained to handle the situation. Neither force conversation nor apologize for your home’s shortcomings if they are raised. Your real estate agent has the experience to assess and convey your house’s virtues.