Dealing with Investors

Homebuyers may not be the only ones interested your home. Early in the process, you may receive offers from investors – parties interested in buying, renting or reselling residential homes at a profit or to further develop a real estate property portfolio. If you pursue a relationship with an investor, know the advantages and disadvantages involved.


  • homebuyers who need to wait for financing can delay closing, subsequently extending the deal Investors often buy in cash and are ready to close immediately, which is ideal if you are looking to sell quickly
  • investors are open to flexible arrangements, including taking over your mortgage, which is great if you are struggling to secure a buyer
  • investors buy a property in its current condition. This is perfect if you haven’t performed home repairs or you need to upgrade parts of your home


  • won’t know who is buying your home.

    Some buyers may wonder if an investor is only interested in buying the real estate property to flip it and turn a profit.

    However, investors aren’t legally required to tell you who makes the offer or their intent
  • they may be interested in buying properties below market value, you may not get the best deal
  • may have to conduct research on the investor to ensure they are not scamming you