Swift Moving Day

Book your movers

You can choose to have your movers pack everything, or just fragile valuables, or you can pack everything yourself.

If you currently rent

Provide the necessary written notice to your landlord, and arrange for any returnable money (i.e. damage deposits).

At your new home

Arrange for the gas and electric utilities, water softener, and telephone and cable TV to be connected when the sale closes.


  • Contact or visit any used services about your address change. This may include:
    • Getting “Change of Address” cards from the post office and sending them out in advance. Have incoming mail forwarded to your new address
    • Arranging for gardening, dry cleaning, garbage pick-up, newspapers, magazines and other home services to your new address
    • Collect any items requiring cleaning, repairing or storage

  • Visit the bank to perform any required actions. This may include:
    • Obtaining a letter of introduction from your current bank branch to help open new accounts
    • Transferring trust or bank accounts and securities

  • Visit relevant authorities and agencies to change personal information. This may include:
    • Arranging with your doctor, dentist, pharmacist, or optometrist for the transfer of records
    • Cancelling or transferring social, athletic, civic, religious or business affiliations and memberships
    • Notify your children’s’ previous school and register at their new school
    • Changing the address on your driver’s license(s) in advance of moving day