Busted! Don't Believe These Real Estate Myths!

Busted! Don't Believe These Real Estate Myths!

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Selling or investing in real estate requires a considerable commitment. There’s a lot of research to do and a number of important decisions to make. Unfortunately, real estate myths are abundant and easy to believe. Everyone from friends and family to co-workers and neighbours believes that they know how real estate works and choose to offer their advice.

While they all mean well, misbeliefs and bad information are a dangerous combination. They could lead you to make damaging assumptions and interfere with your hunt for a dream home or getting the best price for a house you’re selling.

As Toronto real estate experts, Jordan Grosman Group wants to help you make the right decisions. To separate fact from fiction, we have debunked five of the most widely believed myths about real estate.

Myth 1: Real estate prices will keep rising.

Just like everything around us, the real estate market is cyclical and goes through stages and phases where prices rise and fall. What’s “hot” right now may not be the case a few months or years from now! The only steady thing about real estate prices is that they will keep fluctuating.

Myth 2: Real estate agents work less than other professionals.

On the contrary, realtors work more than other people in the workforce do. At times, we work around the clock to ensure that our clients’ needs and wants are met.

Myth 3: The best way to sell a home is a lawn sign and an open house.

Although both of these things help to sell a property, there’s a lot more that goes into a marketing plan! Successful realtors will have a wide-range of marketing tools under their belt to ensure your property gets the maximum exposure in the marketplace.

Myth 4: The only way to win a bidding war for a home is to be the highest bidder.

While money might help, sadly it is not always the case. Sellers have a variety of reasons to sell apart from the price which could include everything from prompt closing dates to not wanting significant changes done to the property. Each seller has a different motivation and money may not always be the motivational factor!

Myth 5: Free home staging is the best.

Beware of how some realtors advertise home staging. Often it will say “free” but the fine print says for “consultation” or “services” which means the realtor is NOT paying for it, YOU are! Home staging plays a crucial role in selling a property and must be done irrespective of whether the realtor or client pays for it. One thing you should also do is discuss home staging with your real estate professional so that it is clear who is footing the bill.

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