How the Jordan Grosman Group Helped A Client Sell A Luxury Home

How the Jordan Grosman Group Helped A Client Sell A Luxury Home

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When the real estate market is booming, selling a home is easy, but when the tables turn, even the best of houses have a difficult time attracting buyers. At times like these, it takes expertise and skill to get a home sold and at a price that’s desirable. As expert realtors in Toronto, the Jordan Grosman Group has the ability, expertise, and skill it takes to help you attain your real estate goals.

Keep reading to learn about how we helped a client sell a luxury home during a lean period.

The Challenge: Selling a luxury home in a soft real estate market.

We were recently approached by a client who spent the last few years planning and building a luxury home in the heart of Trinity-Bellwoods in Toronto. During the plan and build phase, the Toronto real estate market was flying high with new home prices hitting record highs month after month. By the time the home was completed and ready for sale, the market had weakened considerably, and the main problem associated with the sale was the softening of the real estate market in Toronto.

Unable to sell the house, the client sought our help, and we obliged by coming up with the strategy that would lead to a successful sale.

The Solution: Strategic marketing and follow-ups.

Our strategy was twofold. First, our team put together an extensive list of luxury home comparables that had recently sold. We looked at the price, time on the market, and a host of other quantitative factors.

Second, we implemented our most exhausted digital marketing campaign to date to ensure we had as many eyeballs on this property as possible. With the help of the team at clickguru, we blitzed Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with drone footage, walkthrough video, and lots of HD imagery to captivate our audience.

Finally, we did what we do best, we “sold” the house and its advantages. We had several open houses including our summer specialty - The Jordan Grosman Group Champagne Open House. We worked our network tirelessly and didn’t stop until we had a deal in place.

Although we had plenty of “interested” buyers, we received no offers. To counteract the lack of activity, we worked the phones, had more open houses, and did more selling until we finally found the right buyer for this property.

After less than a month of targeted efforts, we came away with a transaction that offered a dream home to our buyer and a very satisfied seller who was anxious about the sale of the house.

The Bottom Line

As experts in luxury real estate, the Jordan Grosman Group team of Toronto real estate agents offer a complete suite of real estate services to deliver exceptional client experiences in buying or selling homes across Toronto. We have more than fifteen years of experience and have sold over six hundred properties, which enables us to skillfully guide you from the beginning to end of your real estate journey. To get started on any of your real estate needs, get in touch with us by clicking here. To learn more about how we can help you, please click here